Imagination, A Lost Cause

The evening in which the following tale took place had the atmosphere and the semblance of many others. It was cold enough for me to need a jacket and, given the usual light pollution in cities, the moon and stars dimly illuminated the expanse of the sky. My mum, my grandma, and a couple of… Continue reading Imagination, A Lost Cause


The Physics of Stopping Everything

Say, for the sake of argument, that you’re the best magician in the entire Universe. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Ariana, I thought this was a physics essay?” I can assure, with a high degree of certainty, that it indeed is a physics essay. However, you’ll soon see why it is crucial for… Continue reading The Physics of Stopping Everything


Only You

"You are everything I asked for. What my lonely mind longed to experience and what my empty soul needed to feel. You are what I was waiting for. What only in dreams could be imagined and that in you I discovered to be true. You have come to lighten up every part of my life… Continue reading Only You


Gravity, or The Force That Makes Physicists Curse

Gravity behaves how Sir Isaac Newton described it: You jump up and gravity brings you back down to the ground. You reach the brow of a hill and gravity accelerates you down the other side. Simply put, gravity is a force that affects and changes the motion of things.  Or at least that’s what it… Continue reading Gravity, or The Force That Makes Physicists Curse


Stars and Their Universal Symphony

Despite being unable to listen to it with our ears, the stars in the sky keep a melodious and constant concert. Large stellar bodies emit low and deep sounds, similar to those produced by terrestrial tubas and double basses. While small stars take pride in their high pitched voices, which resonate like heavenly flutes. But… Continue reading Stars and Their Universal Symphony


Placing Stones on Tombs, A Jewish Tradition

I still remember the funeral of my grandmother Léa (aleha ha-shalom). It was a particularly rainy day, similar to the disposition of those present. Naturally, I cried a lot, being unable to find comfort in the words of my parents or those of the rabbi. But I still tried to move on with the event,… Continue reading Placing Stones on Tombs, A Jewish Tradition