Dialogues with Baba

Part I – The Child

“Baba, you better get ready for your weekly check up!”

“Is it time for it already?”


“Hahaha, well, here I am. Ready to be your patient once again.”

“Take a seat then.”

“Okay, I’ll sit on top of one of your many teddy bears.”

“No! You must sit on the bed.”

“Hahaha, alright. As you please, Dr. Johnson.”

“Now, open big and say ‘ah!’.”


“Let’s see. Ummm, yes. I know exactly what you have!”

“Is that so?”

“Yep. You have a severe case of bronchitis.”

“Bronchitis? Oh, no! That sounds awful!”

“Shh, don’t worry, baba. I have just the right medicine for you.”

“Wow, what a relief!”

“I know. Now, you just have to drink from this cup. But you must drink it all. No cheating, huh? “

“Hahaha, what would happen if I do?”

“Well, the germs from your bronchitis are gonna spread all around your body and you’ll get very sick. And you won’t be able to play with me. And that would make feel upset.”

“Awww, you little one. I’ll be a good patient, and drink it all up for you.”


“Hahaha, I dare say that wasn’t half as bad as I expected.”

“Of course not! It’s cinnamon tea, duh!”

“Hahaha, only Dr. Johnson would cure bronchitis with cinnamon tea.”

“Oh baba, haha. Since you’ve been a good patient, you deserve a lollipop.”

“That’s lovely! What’s its flavour?”


“I shall enjoy it berry much then.”

“Haha, you’re so silly, baba. But I still love you a lot.”

“Hahaha, what a dreadful doctor! Telling her patients that she loves them!”

“But baba, you’re not my patient anymore.”

“Not anymore? What am I then?”

“My baba.”

“Haha. Yes, Ariana, I am your baba. And your baba loves you a lot too.”

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