A Letter to Love

Regardless of how meaningless my paragraphs may be or how much do my verses seem to escape the sensibilities of the pen, I know you will read my words. Not out of duty, but out of necessity. The necessity of turning my letters into yours with every look.

And yes, I know how busy your hours are and the many things you have to stop yourself from doing just to give me a minute. But I promise you that every second is worth it when you look at the drowsy eyes whose admiration for you surpasses any temporary barrier.

Thus, among this occupation of yours, I must remind you how much this small and weak heart misses you.

Like crazy.

Maybe a little too much.

But I am no longer in a position to deny the intensity of what I now feel. This void forces me to talk.

And in my inability to silence, I look for you. To speak, to feel, to tell you that you are all what’s good, beautiful and essential in this life.

And I tell you here without any major prejudice. Without fear of rejection. But in spite of falling into oblivion.

I ask you then do not forget me, my love. Do not forget us. And just let my excessive affection be the sheet that covers your night and lulls you to peace.

Ah …

Yes, I know I ask for a lot.

But understand me only this one time and realise that this longing is already too much for so little me.

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