Dialogues with Baba

Part II – The Teen

“Ariana, please, move away from the door.”

“No! I refuse!”


“I won’t let you leave!”


“No! Stop! I am not moving away.”

“Fine. I’ll just sit around and wait until you decide to do so.”

“I won’t.”

“At some point you’ll have to. You can’t stay stuck to that door forever.”

“Oh, just watch me.”

“Why are you even doing this? You’re being unreasonable.”

“No, you’re the one making no sense. You’re trying to abandon me and I won’t let you go through with it.”

“Ah, Ariana… I…”

“No! I don’t want any more of your excuses! I want you to stay with me!”

“I can’t.”


“Because, as much as I’d want to, I can’t. This is no longer my home.”

“It is! We live here, and we are your family!”

“It used to be that way, but not anymore.”

“Ugh! I get that you and mum are no longer on speaking terms, but please, don’t leave me.”

“I won’t. I’m just leaving this place, but not you.”

“Then take me with you, baba. Please! I beg of you!”


“Don’t. Don’t say any more words and just take me with you.”

“My dear child, I wish I could.”

“And why can you not?”

“Because life is not as easy as that.”

“It used to be.”

“I know, but things change.”

“Well, I don’t want them to change.”

“Ah… Look, Ari, I know things are hard to get now, but it is for the best. And… I’ll call you everyday, okay? I promise.”

“Right. My father is going to be replaced with stupid phone calls. Isn’t that just great?”

“Ariana, that’s not what it is like.”

“Yes, it is! It is exactly what you’re saying!”

“Just… I’ll try my best. That’s all.”

“Ah… You really want to go away, don’t you?”

“I do.”

“Okay. I’ll move away.”

“I know this is painful for you.”

“Just go.”

“Okay… No hug?”

“No hug.”

“Okay. I… I love you, okay?”


“Alright. Bye, Ari.”

– silence –

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