Ring my Desire

I was lying on the red couch in my room when I heard the bell ring. I was home alone for the night, so I knew I had to get out of bed and do it myself. A task that was particularly compromising, given my mood at the time. My usual high spirits had severely plummeted after a dreary morning, a drowsy midday and a silent afternoon. Sadly, by the time I decided to do something about it and call my boy, night had already fallen and, with it, my hopes.

So there I was. Walking down the stairs. Begging in every step of the way that the damn bell would stop its disturbing ring. But I suppose the universe had different plans for me that day, for the person ringing seemed eager to go on until getting an answer.

I sighed.

Before I opened the door, I tried my best to put on a smile. I knew it was going to look forced, but little did I care. A subtle hint of annoyance is better than completely faking a desire to engage after all. But all this facade would prove to be in vain, because, to my delight, the person ringing was none other than my boyfriend.

I instantly got a genuine grin drawn all over my face and, not wanting to lose the momentum, I kissed him. And as our lips and hands danced to a tune only they knew how to, I felt relief. The kind that only he could provide me through the magic of his touch.

It didn’t surprise me how easily he managed to change my mood. This was the guy I called my true love after all, and everyday he took it upon himself to remind me just that. Specially during days like this, in which only his nurturing affection seemed to remedy all my maladies.

Together we stood for what felt like seconds in an hour, giving time for love to emerge from every corner and for lust to build up within every look.

And that’s when everything clicked.

Last week I had told him that this day I’d be home alone, and we had agreed that he’d come over after his football practice. And here he was, like any proper gentleman attending the call of his lady.

I was glad he wasn’t as forgetful as me about these things. Otherwise I would have had to spend my night lonely and sad, having no willpower of my own to affect my circumstances. But I knew he had it in him, the will and the desire to change everything up. And it showed. Not only in his face, but all over his body.

It was then that I knew my walls were about to tremble. He was ready to rock my world with passion and to turn my excitement into cosmic echoes. So up we went, disappearing into my room. To the place where only the sheets covered our bodies and the sounds of love making got lost into the horizon.