He had come home widely exhausted, frowning and with his eyes closed. He slammed into the room, not offering a good afternoon and undressing hastily.

I was lying in bed reading. Following his every move with my eyes over my glasses.

Clumsily he got ready to join me at rest. And once he had, he breathlessly said, “It was a tiring day.”

“I noticed,” I affirmed.

“My apologies,” he whispered, with a subtle hint at melancholy.

“Don’t worry,” I said, wrapping him in a tight embrace.

He smiled and then admitted, “I missed being with you.”

“Likewise,” I replied.

That comment was enough for him to feel invited into my body. He caressed my cheeks and kissed my lips with his characteristic warmth. The kind that left behind an intense feeling of intimate affection.

The hours would then pass us by as we enjoyed a night full of passion. But the morning of a new day would soon arrive. I woke up late on top of his chest, with the smell of roses scattered through the room and the song of birds delighting my ears.

By then, he already had his eyes open. His hands kept wandering about my body just as he looked at me with a penetrating bluish sight of happiness.

“Good morning,” I dared to say, trying not to disturb the tranquillity of the moment.

“Good morning, my love,” he replied.

“Do you feel better today compared to yesterday?” I asked.

To which he decided, before offering a reply, to take me by the arms and put me over his lap. And caressing my hair, he said, “My beautiful girl, how could I not feel better if I have you?”

I gazed at him with the happiest of smiles, letting out a couple of giggles. He grinned broadly as well, hugging me tightly by the waist.

We remained in such a state for a few minutes. We seized every second of the moment before standing up to get ourselves ready for the day to come.

I decided to take a bath while he made breakfast. He decided to cook his famous crêpes with chocolate and strawberries. Though I must admit that, as childish as we usually were, the chocolate was going to end up all over us instead of the crêpes.

We shared some more time together before the clock struck ten. Or the time for both of us to leave to our respective destinations. But before that came into fruition, he decided to say, “I hope you don’t get back home tired, because I’m taking you for dinner tonight.”

“Really? What’s the occasion?” I enquired, showcasing my surprise.

“A party,” he coyly replied.

“A party? Haha. What are we celebrating?” I questioned innocently.

And gracing my forehead with an affectionate kiss, he said, “It’s a celebration to us and all this love we feel.”

We had one last peck before walking out of the house together. He went for his car and I grabbed my bike. And off we went to other places, knowing that we’d be longing all day to be back home. 

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