I See Fairies

It happened while I was lying on the red wooden bench in our garden. My day had been particularly overwhelming due to a cold. Mark went to work, promising to return early to take care of me. But I’m afraid that those words were not enough to appease the restlessness of my spirit. So, looking to improve my grief, I took a considerable amount of pills and went out in search of adventures.

I was determined to take a walk around the neighbourhood, hoping that a mouthful of fresh oxygen from the outskirts would be enough. But this craving wasn’t enough for my body, as it would only let me mobilise myself among the flowers and dried leaves of the front yard. I had no choice but to maintain a state of solitude. Or so I thought.

The passing clouds I counted, thinking that they were the sheep found in dreams. Thus, I assumed that such an act would have an effect similar to the sleepiness of my nights. Yet, I had not taken into account the possibility of unexpected occurrences. And who does anyways? After all, these things are enjoyed more when you don’t wonder the why’s or the how’s, lacking the proper focus. 

And that’s how they appeared.

One by one. Fluttering everywhere with their fragile little wings. They had colours as diverse as the spectrum of visible light and angelic faces that radiated a unique glow. I couldn’t doubt their nature.

I was seeing fairies.

Or at least what we humanly consider as such. But it was unimportant to find the appropriate term back then. I opted instead to maintain the soporific annihilation that their presence caused upon me.

To my fortune, the fairies decided that they would comply with my astonishment and entertain my eyes. They performed all kinds of picaresque and delicate dances, flirting with the breeze in every move. I followed their steps with an attentive look, bringing out my best smile. But in doing so, I quickly noticed the peculiarities behind their hubbub.

Giggles came out of their feet and stumbles from their mouths. Their hands touched harps of air. An illogical uproar that was. But I didn’t question it. They were just such an attractive picture. And this feeling seemed to be mutual, for they eyes invited me to join them and their arrhythmic dance.

I would have followed their order like a good soldier, but I had forgotten about my flu until then. My flu had not forsaken me though, and my weakness showed. I could barely commit to standing up.

Given the case, I gave up and fell back into the bench to rest. But the little fairies weren’t willing to accept a no as a response and, acknowledging my difficulty, they began to revolve around me. And as they did, they sprayed me with enchanted dust and blew all over me breath of life. I felt my forces returning with every blow, but the dust tickled me. So much, in fact, that I was unable to escape the incoming laughter.

I laughed until I fell to the ground. Although, at the time, I didn’t realise it. I was still lost in this wonderland of sorts. And lost is how I spent what felt like countless hours under the radiant sun and fairies in between thoughts. Only his yell managed to wake me from that trance.

Mark found me lying among the azaleas. His face full of worry. Mine full of magic.

“Amelia!” he exclaimed, gently touching my cheeks.

I did not answer immediately. It took me awhile to offer a response, but whatever I said was certainly unintelligible.  

And that was how he understood. Not everything, but some part of it. And luckily for me, that part was enough to save me that day.

For Luli, who always spoke about seeing fairies.

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