An Ode to Earth

“Our lovely blue planet, the Earth, is the only home we know. Venus is too hot. Mars is too cold. But the Earth is just right, a heaven for humans.”

~ Carl Sagan

Famous astronomer Carl Sagan has always held my utmost respect and admiration. From his beautiful way of explaining even the most intricate aspects of our Universe to his advocacy for a peaceful and science-driven world, there are many reasons for liking him.

Among said reasons, there’s one that’s specially important to us these days: his stance on climate change and how our actions foster its prevalence.
Being an astronomer, Carl was in the best position to understand the rarity as well as fragility that lies behind our existence. Since, as far as we’re concerned, our planet is the only one capable of sustaining the appropriate conditions for living matter to thrive.

But this is not a knowledge that he kept to himself, because he constantly reminded us of how tiny and insignificant we are. How vulnerable this pale blue dot of ours really is.

Thus, what we’re doing right now to our planet is extremely saddening. How can we be so negligent, uncaring and indifferent towards the one place that has seen us come to life? The one place where literally everything we’ve known and keep on knowing has occurred. The one place where we evolved from simple structures into complex beings. The one place we can, without a doubt, call home.

We can’t keep treating our beautiful living space like we’ve done up till now. It’s time for us to change our practices and to adjust our lives towards what’s best for the Earth.

Every small step we take matters and every decision is crucial to change this environmental crisis. But we need to wake up now and start acting. May we leave our differences aside and come together for the one place that deserves it. May we start making real adjustments from today onward.

And may we leave behind for the future generations of the children of the Earth a place where they can love, cry, be merry and experience the human condition just as we have.

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