People Like Love

Some people are a dream.

The kind that makes anyone wish they could sleep forever.

But soon these dreams are overcome by reality and its forceful plunder, violently awaking us to all of life’s hubbub.

Other people are stars.

Sweet lights that adorn and illuminate the darkness in our lives.

But soon these stars are overcome by dawn and its unhinged brilliance, slowly robbing us the hints of clarity they once provided.

There’s also people like flowers.

Those are full of a discreet beauty that cheers all of our days.

But soon these flowers are overcome by withering and its nefarious effects, carefully removing all their gorgeous colours and enchanting perfumes.

And, at the very bottom, are the people that are simply love.

A sweet and powerful sentiment that blooms like a flower, shines like a star, and feels like a dream.

However, unlike flowers, stars, and dreams, love remains.

It can’t wither, fade or awake.

It’s only love.

And for as long as it remains love, it shall never end.

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