About Me

I am Ariana Alejandra Robinson (now you know what the middle A stands for) and I love to write. A pretty simple statement, huh? But, if looked at from the proper standpoint, you can see the complexity it entails.

After all, this website was born out of said love and every single part of it is dedicated to the sharing of my writings. Some which speak about the Universe and the marvels of its Physics. A couple more deal with “the big questions” from a philosophical perspective. Some others are just meant to be heartwarming tales full of charm. And every now and again there’s a sprinkle of quotes to spice it all up.

Thus, regardless of the style that suits your desire, there’s a little something to be found for anyone and everyone here. So feel welcome to explore all facets of my persona as a writer, hoping that, no matter the read, you will find yourself entertained.

Best wishes!