Love Time

"Time is never lost whenever you're around those you love." ~ Ariana A. Robinson


Only You

"You are everything I asked for. What my lonely mind longed to experience and what my empty soul needed to feel. You are what I was waiting for. What only in dreams could be imagined and that in you I discovered to be true. You have come to lighten up every part of my life… Continue reading Only You


Ode to Winter’s Cold

This winter has overstayed its visit.My soul freezes at the thought that I have run out of spring.My heart is clouded with the heaviness of a thousand ice sheets, and my mind is lost thinking of a forsaken warmth.Ah, even the air kills me inside, because breathing makes me lose the essence.Esence that once had… Continue reading Ode to Winter’s Cold


People Like Love

Some people are a dream. The kind that makes anyone wish they could sleep forever. But soon these dreams are overcome by reality and its forceful plunder, violently awaking us to all of life's hubbub. Other people are stars. Sweet lights that adorn and illuminate the darkness in our lives. But soon these stars are… Continue reading People Like Love



He had come home widely exhausted, frowning and with his eyes closed. He slammed into the room, not offering a good afternoon and undressing hastily. I was lying in bed reading. Following his every move with my eyes over my glasses. Clumsily he got ready to join me at rest. And once he had, he… Continue reading Him


Too Little for too Much

It's not enough to say that time with you becomes a happy movie. It's not enough to say that in every one of your kisses peace is to be found. It's not enough to say that you're the beacon of light that guides my cloudy judgement. It's not enough to say that with you even… Continue reading Too Little for too Much


The Red Bike Encounter

The typical school day had come to an end, and it seemed auspicious for me to return home. As widely tired (not to mention hungry) as I was, I had declined the friendly invitation of my usual companions to hang out after our lessons were over. An act that, although unusual, they decided not to… Continue reading The Red Bike Encounter


Ring my Desire

I was lying on the red couch in my room when I heard the bell ring. I was home alone for the night, so I knew I had to get out of bed and do it myself. A task that was particularly compromising, given my mood at the time. My usual high spirits had severely… Continue reading Ring my Desire